$ 6,125.00
Ezer Auto RefractorKeratometer
$ 5,575.00
LUXVISION  LRK-2600 Auto Refractor/Keratometer
Digital Refractor
         Auto Refractors
Gilras Digital Refractor
Simple automated eye examination system.
Provides easy and accurate refractions
Automatically receives data from the auto refractor
and the lensmeter, make the test quick and final test
results can be gathered efficiently.
Provides 18 visual acuity tests, 26 monocular and
binocular tests.
Performs binocular balancing, strabismus,
heterophoria, fusion,suppression and stereo test.
GDR7000 Provides precise and variable data
adopting highly advanced digital technologies
Girlas GRK-7000 Auto RefractorKeratometer
$ 5,295.00
LUXVISION  LRK-2600 Auto Refractor/Keratometer
$ 5,795.00
Ezer-5200 Auto-Refractor keratometer
Girlas GDR7000
$ 5,995.00
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